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Welcome to the Trauma Informed Learning Tool, where education meets empathy, and growth is prioritised over ticking boxes.

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"Unlock the potential of your service through continuous learning and development – the cornerstone of sustainable growth and unwavering staff wellbeing. At Risk and Resilience, we stand ready to be your dedicated partners on this transformative journey, offering tailor-made solutions crafted just for you through the TILT platform."

 David Gill, Founder of Risk & Resilience  

Key features of TILT

Embark on a transformative learning journey with the Trauma Informed Learning Tool. Prioritise reflection, celebrate growth, and embrace a new era of education that goes beyond the conventional pass/fail paradigm.

Welcome to a space where learning is personal, meaningful, and geared towards empowering individuals on their unique paths of discovery.

We offer a range of one-off courses as well as a range of drip-fed courses. Drip-fed courses are a groundbreaking approach to online learning that transforms the way knowledge is delivered.

"I have been providing support for a number of years and TILT confirms the approach I have always had with clients. This is a better way of working for positive outcomes for an individual."

Sandy Smithen on
"How do I build a trauma informed culture?"

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